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After a long wait, the time has finally come

The roof-mounted PV system with a peak output of 663 kWh at CEFEG GmbH was accepted by the grid operator on 28.11.2022 and has been producing green electricity since then. This is primarily used by the production processes in the company itself and fed into the public grid in case of surplus.

The project was already started in the 2nd quarter and the modules were also quickly installed on the roof. Then a faster commissioning failed due to the availability of an inverter. In October, the inverter was installed and connected to the transformer. Several trades had to be coordinated for this. After inspection by our fire protection officer and installation of the fireman’s switch, there was nothing standing in the way of acceptance by the power grid operator.

“Starting next year, we will be able to cover about 35-40% of our annual electricity consumption of about 1.1 GWh via the PV system, and at a moderate price,” says Managing Director Dr. Denise Klinger – because the system is a rental-lease model.

CEFEG is thus also taking a step towards more sustainable power generation for production at the site in Chemnitz, which was named Solar Capital 2022 and Solar Champion 2022 below cities with more than 200,000 inhabitants in September 2022 by WirtschaftsWoche and by the comparison portal for solar installations “Selfmade Energy”.

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