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We manufacture our assemblies automatically, semi-automatically or manually. These are produced for the automotive industry, construction and electronics, among others.

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Bent wire parts

We manufacture wire form springs for your specific Installation with the highest precision. This way we are in the represented […]

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Coil and spiral springs

The reliable manufacture of coil and spiral springs requires many years of know-how and the appropriate technology. CEFEG has both […]

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Compression springs

These products are manufactured on modern CNC-controlled machines from Wafios (FMU) and Itaya (Eco-Coiler, FUL, PCX 40). These are produced […]

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Flat form springs

These products are manufactured on modern CNC-controlled punching and bending machines and presses from BiHLER and Minster. These are produced […]

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Leg springs

Our leg springs are used, for example, in automotive interiors, convertible tops or plastic assemblies. We can easily produce large […]

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Stamped parts

Specific shapes, precision and the highest quality requirements – we know what is important for stamped parts. With the help […]

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Tension springs

We are the right partner for long-lasting and specific tension springs. We are happy to advise you on the development […]

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Torsion springs

You can find our torsion springs in garden and household appliances or in the cockpit of your automobile, for example. […]

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