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Coming and going

Parting is a painful business’ was certainly the thought of our adjuster in the punching-bending production area when one of our GRM80s (built in 1994) left our production hall last Thursday, expertly packed. After 28 years of operation at CEFEG, during which products from a wide range of industries were manufactured on the machine, the automatic punching and bending machine returned home to Halblech, Germany, to Bihler Maschinenfabrik & Co. KG. After a retrofit, the GRM80 will certainly continue to perform very well elsewhere. The mechanical machine generation is characterized by robustness, durability and reliability and has served CEFEG very well over the many years – Bihler quality, after all.

With the sale, CEFEG is creating space in its production hall, because the machine park will grow again as early as May/June. There is currently a need for space for internal logistics areas. The buyback request from Otto Bihler Maschinenfabrik & Co. KG came just at the right time. Without further ado, the products still running on the GRM80 were transferred internally to a second machine and the offer was accepted.

A big thank you goes to the CEFEG team, especially to maintenance manager Clemens Fritsch, Elektro Heber and the Scholpp company for the professional dismantling including packaging and removal.

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